Our experience roofing professionals are capable of remodeling the existing roofs, as well as carrying out renovation and repair works within a short span of time. CTG Contracting’s roofing teams can provide you with safe and secure roofing. The roofing contractors at CTG Contracting are efficient and well trained to advise the clients demanding remodeling and replacement of existing roofs. After a detailed onsite inspection, our roofing contractors can provide you with the most appropriate solution. A strong roof guarantees comfort, safety and protection to the dwellers. Living under a damaged or unbalanced roof can likewise create a feeling of insecurity.

The roofing of any building can get damaged due to bad weather conditions and corrosions. CTGC’s roofing sectors can provide you with safe and secure roofing.

To solve the roofing problems you are experiencing at home or office, contact roofing contractors at CTGC. We are available on phone at (718) 669-8305 or send an email to us at work@contracting.com. One of our service personnel will get back to you immediately.