CTG BROTHER CONSTRUCTION (CTGBC) is a family owned and operated business since 1984, and we provide full service design and remodeling firm serving New York City. Providing complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling, CTGBC has everything you need from design and supply to installation. Moreover, we are licensed and bonded, by the Department of Consumer Affairs of The City of New York. We have repaired and installed enumerative of houses façade renovation and brownstone, sidewalk cement, roofs, internal renovation everywhere from single family homes multiple family buildings. Construction renovation solutions in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and NYC Request for references are welcome. CTG Brother Construction is an approved applicator for many of the leading Brownstone Cement specialist and also from roof shingles, to simply modified roofing system. CTG Brother Construction is also a member of industry. Located in Brooklyn, NY for the last 30 years, CTG Brother Construction has a reputation for the highest quality craftsmanship, honesty, as well as integrity.

Our current business success also is due to referrals and repeat business from our previous customers. With all estimates given by CTG Brother Construction, the customer is supplied with explicit explanation scope of the work and keeping customers satisfied and their investment assets secure and most important, water tight for over 30 years!

CTG Brother Construction, Inc. mission is founded on the principle of furnishing quality restoration and waterproofing services to a specialized construction market. Our team approach to each project is centered on developing a continuing client relationship while providing state of the art technical solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our strengths are our ability to adapt to a changing industry and our diversified specialty services, which create our ultimate competitive advantage.